International Dept.

When you consider your original dietary

supplement or cosmetic, Rely on

AMS Life Science !!

Welcome to a website of international department of AMS Life Science.
We are an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) company of dietary supplements and cosmetic.


We have over 400 domestic clients and over 20 overseas clients,
which is top level in OEM companies in Japan.


It's been 50 years since we started the supplements business.
We have put the first priority on becoming the company that is needed by the clients and been thriving.
Consequently, we have got a favorable reputation from 400 domestic clients and 20 overseas clients includingfamous company that everyone knows.
And now,we became one of top OEM companies.


We are the only listed company on Tokyo stock market among
OEM companies of supplement.


In order to enhance our social credibility, we listed the stocks on Tokyo stock market.
We open the financial information to the public and the clients get to know our sound and stable business running,
which make them think we are relible.


GMP・Organic JAS Certified Factory


Head factory, Second factory and Kuniyoshida factory obtained a GMP certification.
Chiba factory obtained Organic JAS (as for its production and export process).


As a proof of high quality, “Made in Japan”

gather an attention from the world.

Our job, as an International Dept. of AMS life science, is ranging from manufacturing original supplements or cosmetics for selling in overseas country through to
making english documents or providing know-how for selling in foreign country,
We have English or Chinese fluent staffs so we can get the job done flexibly and speedy.


If you would like to sell Japanese brand’s product

It's possible to become our distributor of our group company,
AFC Co., Ltd. which sells original brand product.
You can distribute more than 100 kinds of merchandise which are sold in
over 50 famous department stores through your country.